Slide Paper Gallery Prishtina Paper Gallery is an exhibition space that aims to highlight contemporary artists and curators, in a local and international level.

The location of the gallery is in the heart of Prishtina. Kosovo at the moment is a melting pot of an exciting young contemporary art scene, challenging norms and defining itself.

Mission Statement

Contemporary art is current and the future, Paper gallery encapsulates a space that highlights and pioneers contemporary
art and curators in the heart and center of Prishtina. Its a breath of fresh air for Kosovo that provokes thought,
shifts the idea of tradition and encourages innovation in all dimensions and art forms. The gallery simulates,
motivates and heartens those who create and those who appreciate and take inspiration and joy from creations and creating.
We present a raw and modern take on education, innovation, exhibition and all that is art.


Kashta e Kumtrit
Curated by: Paper Gallery

The Milky Way or “Kashta e Kumtrit” is the galaxy that contains our solar system. The name derives from the appearance of the galaxy from Earth in the form of a thin line that shines and has a “milky” aspect.

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Dead Dogs Walkin
Curated by: Penesta Dika

“Dead Dog Walking” exhibition presents the works of artist Gazmend Ejupi in the different media. From the one hand we see works made in traditional mediums like painting and sculpture, on the other hand we see a video performance that includes a live performance of a choir (“Siparantum Choir “).

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Events & Programs

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